Trichomonas, what is

Trichomonas is a parasite that is transmitted viaintercourse, causing vaginal infection. In this leaflet you can read more about the infection and how it's treated.

What is trichomonas?

Trichomonas is a parasite that is transmitted via intercourse, causing vaginal infection.

What are the symptoms?

Most women experience increased vaginal discharge. The discharge is often yellow/green, foamy and often elicits a disagreeable smell. Painfull urination might occur.

How is trichomonas diagnosed?

The parasite is visualized by microscopic examination of the vaginal discharge or detected by a swap sent for laboratory diagnostic.

What is the treatment?

The condition is easy to treat. You will get a prescription for an antibiotic, most often metronidazole. 

Metronidazole may act as an ”Antabuse”, causing uncomfortable symptoms when taken together with alcohol. Therefore, you should avoid alcohol during the treatment and two days after the treatment has ended. 

When you have completed the treatment the infection will be cleared in a few days.

Possible side effects of the treatment

In rare cases, metronidazole can cause nausea, headache, dizziness or taste disturbances.

Your partner should get tested

Trichomonas is transmitted via unprotected sex, and not all men develop symptoms when infected. To avoid re-infection, your partner should be tested as well.