Condyloma, Laser treatment

Here you will find information about carbon dioxid laser treatment for condylomas

What is laser treatment

The use of a carbon dioxid laser to remove condylomas.

How is the treatment carried out

A thin ray of light is directed at the condylomas. It is converted into heat, which damages the tissue. One treatment lasts approximately half an hour. More treatments may be needed.

Before the treatment

Local anesthesia is needed since the Laser treatment is painful. You can use a numbing cream before the local anesthesia, to reduce the discomfort. Approximately an hour before the treatment you apply the numbing cream, which can be bought at a pharmacy. You cover the area with clingfilm or a condom. The cream is removed right before the doctor administers the local anesthesia.

If your condylomas are in or around your rectum, a mild sedative can be prescribed. The sedative will be given at the clinic an hour before the procedure.

During the treatment

Right before the treatment you will be given an injection with local anesthesia in the area where the laser treatment is to be performed. The effect of the anesthesia will wear of in 2-3 hours.

During, and after the treatment, there can be some bleeding .

After the treatment

If you have received sedative treatment, you must not drive or cycle for the rest of the day.

If the treatment is on a larger area, it is recommended that you do not have appointments for the rest of the day.

To advance healing, you should avoid physical exertion you should not go to the swimming pool until the wound has healed.

After the laser treatment, it is recommended that you come for a check-up. Arrange this with the staff.

Possible side effects

The treatment results in superficial wounds which heal within two weeks. The wounds may leave scars. The risk of visible scars is greater if the area gets infected. Symptoms of infection are:

·         Redness

·         Clear or yellowish liqud

·         Swelling

·         Warmth

·         In some cases, fever

  In case of infection signs on the skin, contact your own doctor


Wash the area daily and pat it dry. Keep the skin clean and dry

If the treatment has been to the rectal area then wash or shower the area after having been to the toilet.


Pain can be relieved by taking over-the-counter pain relievers and/or over-the-counter numbing cream

Going to the toilet

If you have been treated in or near the rectal opening, you may experience discomfort in connection with defecation in the first few days after the treatment.

Do you need to tell your partners?

Your partner might also be infected with genital warts, which is why it is important that he/she is also examined.


Infection risk
We recommend using a condom for 2-3 months after successful treatment, to avoid infecting your partner. 


Avoid shaving your pubic hair, as you might spread the virus. 

If you smoke, we recommend you stop that, since it may help your immune system fight the virus.