Condyloma, Cryotherapy

information about Cryotherapy with Liquid Nitrogen

What is Cryotherapi

The use of Liquid Nitrogen to remove Condylomas.

How is the treatment carried out

Liquid Nitrogen is dispersed on to the condylomas, freezing them. The warts must be frozen for approximately 10-20 seconds, thaw and then frozen again for 10-20 seconds.

In most cases more than one treatment is needed. The treatment are repeated at one-week intervals.

Possible side effects

While the treatment is taking place you may experience stinging and pinching to the skin. After a few minutes most people will feel a burning pain that quickly will subside.

A few days after the treatment a small blister may appear. if the blister gets large and irritated, contact the department

Do you need to tell your partners?

Your partner might also be infected with genital warts, which is why it is important that he/she is also examined.

Infection risk

We recommend using a condom for 2-3 months after successful treatment, to avoid infecting your partner. 


Avoid shaving your pubic hair, as you might spread the virus. 

If you smoke, we recommend you stop that, since it may help your immune system fight the virus.