Take a virtual tour of The New General Hospital at Bispebjerg

​Experience The New General Hospital with a 360° tour. The architects behind New Hospital Bispebjerg have created eight virtual illustrations that give a sense of the building, which will be finished in 2024.
You can now experience The General Hospital at Bispebjerg before the construction starts in 2018. The General Hospital will be around 75,500 square meters, and will include the emergency department, operating theatres, intensive care, radiology and bed wards. It is a consortium of KHR Architects A/S, WHR Architects Europe and Arup Denmark, who won the architectural competition for The General Hospital.

With the virtual illustrations you can experience The General Hospital from both inside (the yellow circles with the blue dot) and outside (the blue circles with the yellow dot) including the main entrance, the galleries and from a patient room balcony.

Illustration by KHR architects A/S, WHR architects and Arup Denmark. Graphic by Tania Maria Lüders Rusbjerg.

PLEASE NOTE: The illustrations may change before construction starts. They were created before the decision to expand The General Hospital with approx. 6,800 square meters by adding an extra floor to the four bed ward towers.

For the best experience

Use a pair of virtual reality glasses with your smartphone or navigate manually around the space. If the links do not work then try opening them in a different browser, for example Chrome.

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