Seven international teams compete to design the future hospital in Copenhagen

27 applications were entered for the competition to design the Accidents & Emergencies Building at the New Hospital and Mental Health Bispebjerg, which makes it the most popular project among the current Danish hospital construction projects. Seven teams made it through in this close competition and they now face great and exciting challenges.​

​"We have chosen seven teams, all of which have solid and relevant references. It has not been easy to make a selection from the great collection of qualified teams because a lot of them were really skilled. But we only had seven places," says Project Manager Anne Sonnichsen from New Hospital and Mental Health Bispebjerg, who is in charge of the construction of the Accidents & Emergencies Building.​

New Hospital and Mental Health Bispebjerg is the last of the many new Danish hospital projects to be launched. The largest subproject, the Accidents & Emergencies Building at DKK 1.6 billion, have now chosen the seven teams to submit their design proposals for the architectural competition, which will be launched in April.​

​​​The Accidents & Emergencies Building will be located in the northern part of the hospital area. The reception area, between the new and the current hospital, is a part of the competition as well. Illustration: BDP.​

Great interest

The building of the general hospital unit is the largest sub project at the Bispebjerg construction project at a total of DKK 4 billion. The interest in the project competition on total service and agreement of the building has been enormous. 
All in all 27 teams, consisting of 142 companies, from countries in Europe and USA have requested pre-qualification to this phase. The Danish government is launching hospital construction projects to the value of more than DKK 41 billion, and no other project has received as many applications as the Bispebjerg construction project. There are many good reasons for this according to Vice President of New Hospital and Mental Health Bispebjerg Vagn Risby Mortensen:
"The project is unique in several ways; we are building in a grade one listed area, in the centre of the city, while the hospital is fully functioning. Moreover the scale and budget of this project makes it interesting for foreign companies to be a part of."

Vice President Vagn Risby Mortensen. Photo: Byggeriets Billedbank.

Anne Sonnichsen adds:
"I think foreign companies have spotted the growth in the Danish hospital area. Besides that we have chosen to publish the competition in English and complete it in both Danish and English to signal our interest in both Danish and foreign teams."

Great challenges

Project Manager Anne Sonnichsen. Photo: Byggeriets Billedbank.

In August 2014 the seven teams will be submitting their design proposals, which will be assessed on functionality, architecture, economy, and sustainability."It will be exciting to get seven hopefully completely different interpretations of our competition brief. I am eager to see how the chosen teams will handle the challenges presented, for example the interaction between the listed buildings and the new Accidents & Emergencies Building," Anne Sonnichens declares.

The fact that the hospital will be running at full capacity throughout the construction is another huge challenge according to the Vice President."One of the things that I am really excited to see is how the teams will handle the complex task of running an extremely central building in the area with A&E and operating theatres, up until the units can move straight into the Accidents & Emergencies Building," Vagn Risby Mortensen says.

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