New laboratory delivers blood sample results in one hour

No more long waiting hours for your blood sample results, when you are a patient at Bispebjerg Hospital. One of Europe’s biggest fully automated blood sample laboratories has just been installed. From now on the hospital will deliver faster blood sample results, and therefore faster diagnosis and treatment.


Chief Physician Jens Hannibal and Chief Biomedical Laboratory Scientist Helle Brunsgaard Larsen in the new state of the art laboratory. Photo: Claus Peuckert.

One hour is the accepted maximum time from the sample is received at the laboratory until the analysis is finished. This is the reality of the new fully automated laboratory at Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospital, which was taken into use at the end of January 2020.

One minute from patient to robot

The blood sample is sent via pneumatic tubes from the hospital’s clinics, directly into the analysing equipment, without having to be manually handled by staff. The transport, by pneumatic tube, takes around one to two minutes. From there, the robots take over, and within an hour, the test result is ready in the digital medical system, so the doctor can decide on the further treatment.

- At Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospital, we work together to ensure effective diagnostics and treatment of our patients. With an even shorter distance between patient and laboratories, we can lift the level of diagnostics. This will benefit both patients, staff and general practitioners, says Kristian Antonsen, Vice President at Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospital.

The fully automated laboratory will deliver 12 to 13 million blood sample results per year. Photo: Claus Peuckert.

Fully automated solutions lead to fewer mistakes

It is expected that the laboratory will deliver 12 to 13 million blood sample results per year, after the new extension of Bispebjerg Hospital is finished, in a few years’ time.

Helle Brunsgaard Larsen, leader of the laboratory at the Clinical Biochemistry Department, is thrilled to inaugurate the new state of the art facilities to help the hospital offer faster treatment with fewer mistakes:

- The shorter waiting times can support at faster diagnostics and therefore improve patient flow. At the same time, reducing the risk of mistakes, like sample mix up, because the samples are automatically sent into the apparatus, via the pneumatic tubes. This way, we can improve patient safety, she says.

The laboratory is set up in a newly constructed building at Bispebjerg Hospital . Photo: Byggeriets Billedbank

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