Massive international interest for the New Bispebjerg

​Amongst 50 teams of architects and urban planners from around the world, eight teams with an international touch have been selected to enter in the master plan competition for the New Hospital and New Psychiatry Bispebjerg. Danish architects compete against experts from - among others - the Netherlands, France and Dubai, in the task of developing a new area of health within the Bispebjerg neighbourhood.

​It has been difficult to be chosen to draw the overall lines for the New Hospital and New Psy-chiatry Bispebjerg. 50 teams, consisting of in total 189 Danish and international architect and engineering companies, have applied to enter the competition of developing a master plan for the site of 26 hectares, which is to house the future general hospital and psychiatric facility at Bispebjerg.

"I have never before seen such a strong group. Normally one receives 20 to 30 applications – therefore, we have had a broad field to choose from with our 50. This unfortunately also means that we have had to exclude many well-qualified teams," states Executive Vice President Claes Brylle Hallqvist of Bispebjerg Hospital, who is responsible for the project. 

Complex and exiting

Vice President Vagn Risby Mortensen of the Bispebjerg Project believes that the massive inter-est from around the world has to do with the project being quite challenging:

"The project is complex, because it must include both a general hospital and a psychiatric facility. It includes both beautiful, preservation-listed buildings as well as new buildings. The project must be developed while Bispebjerg Hospital is fully operational. And it takes place in the city and not on a green-field. Therefore it is an incredibly challenging and exciting task to solve."

Director Andrew Smith of BDP in the United Kingdom agrees: 
"Danish hospital projects are, in our view, currently the best in the world due to their high design aspirations. And the project at Bispebjerg is a unique opportunity to work with both the land-scape and historic buildings."

An area of health within the city of the future

The master plan competition includes developing cohesiveness within the area, both between the general hospital and the psychiatric facility, and between the different clinical functions.

Furthermore, the master plan lay down the overall principles for the area – for example how to integrate with the surrounding city and take on a social and preventive responsibility. It is a part of the vision that the area becomes an area of health within the city of the future, a park for recreation and healthy, preventive activities for the current and future patients. 

Benefits the Copenhagen Northwest-area

The development of a hospital site to benefit an entire neighbourhood is precisely the aspect, which has kindled the interest of many Danish and foreign companies:

"The key to the success of the New Bispebjerg is to welcome in the city, in order to make the healing surroundings heal the entire neighbourhood as well. The master plan is an exciting task because of the visionary project organization, and we hope to learn from the collaboration, so both parties are wiser in the end", states Janus Rostock, Associate Director of Atkins & Partners Overseas in Dubai. 

"There is no doubt that we will focus on supporting the Municipality’s and the hospital’s vision of a strong link to the university. This presents opportunities for the entire neighbourhood, if the hospital is an open part of the campus," states Peter Nielsen, Country Manager from Drees & Sommer.

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