Kicking off The New General Hospital Building

​The construction of the future General Hospital Building at Bispebjerg, was kicked off in style with confetti, speeches and happy children. The kick off marks the start of the five year construction period for The General Hospital Building, which will host the best patient care at Bispebjerg Hospital. 


The kick off of The General Hospital Building at Bispebjerg Hospital was celebrated with confetti on the building site. Photo: Byggeriets Billedbank.

The diggers have entered the building site at Bispebjerg Hospital in the northern part of Copenhagen and their first job will be to dig away a layer of confetti. May 30th was a day of celebration for the hospital’s employees, politicians and neighbours, as The General Hospital Building was kicked off with speeches and confetti.

“It is fantastic to see the political visions being transformed into specific projects, that will create a great setting for the future treatment of patients. I am really looking forward to seeing the building shooting up, over the coming years,” said the political chairman for the construction project, Lars Gaardhøj, in his speech. He then counted down from ten and confetti canons covered the building site in colour and festivity.

Challenging Years Ahead

The North Block is the first part of new hospital to be built. Due to the limited space at the hospital, the construction is planned in several stages, and it is necessary to interchange between demolition and construction, in order to make space for The General Hospital Building. Managing Director of Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospital, Anne Jastrup, urged employees and patients to bear with the situation:

”We are facing some challenging years ahead. Building sites everywhere. Noise, dust and vibrations will, in some places, be noticeable when heavy machinery moves in. We can only encourage everyone to help each other through this, and focus on the joy and anticipation of the new and improved facilities, we will be able to enjoy in by approx. 2023.”

The General Hospital Building at Bispebjerg is expected to open its doors to patients in 2023. Illustration: KHR Architects.

Workplace of the Future

Not only did the big machines start digging at Bispebjerg. Children from a local school also got their hands dirty at the event. They got to plant little shoots for the new hospital, as they potted little cuttings from fruit trees. The cuttings will hopefully grow to big, strong trees and become part of the new hospital at Bispebjerg.

“I like the thought, that we are building a new hospital for the future, which is delightfully represented by the children here today. Today they have been gardeners, but who knows, perhaps they are the builders, nurses, porters or doctors of the future. The new hospital definitely has the ability to be a fantastic future work place,” Lars Gaardhøj concluded.
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