Headed towards an excellent Bispebjerg

​Seven key points will embrace the Danish New Hospital and New Psychiatry Bispebjerg. This is revealed in the prequalification for the master plan competition, launched by the Regional Council on September 20 2011. This is the first step towards a master plan, which lay the path of a modern and innovative future for a historically and architecturally unique hospital.

​​The prequalification for an international master plan competition for New Hospital and New Psychiatry Bispebjerg has begun. The prequalification process lasts for 37 days, after which time eight contestants will be invited to develop a master plan-solution for the 26 hectare site located on Bispebjerg Bakke. This site is to house a substantial part of the future hospital services of the Capital Region of Denmark. 

View the project from seven angles

New Hospital and New Psychiatry Bispebjerg has expressed its vision for the construction and renovation project in the competition programme. Seven key points have been specified – for example The Human, The Excellent and The Preventive Bispebjerg. These key points are embedded in all aspects of the project, both in the architectural considerations and in the way that the internal organizations of the hospital and the psychiatric facility will be established.

“The key points are means to ensure a well-balanced approach towards a very complex task with many contradicting issues. Some might suggest that we have failed to be as specific, as we could have been, by stating these seven key points. However, we believe that by doing so we have not eliminated any innovative possibilities,” states Vagn Risby Mortensen, Vice President of the project organization. He adds:

“We must take into account both efficiency, hygiene, logistics and making the hospital accessible for the public. The hospital must also be fully operational, while the construction process is ongoing. By using the key points we wish to explain to the contestants, how unique this project is, and make them examine this from all angles.”

Political satisfaction

The projects’ political reference group expresses its satisfaction with the seven key points: 

“When I first viewed the key points, my initial thought was that they are very positive and dynamic – the kind of statements that you cannot disagree with. But now that I have read the competition programme, I believe them to include some very exciting and nuanced demands for the area. And they are very adequate as well – it is precisely an “Excellent Bispebjerg” that we wish to develop,” states Lars Gaardhøj, chairman of the political reference group.

“I have, in different contexts, submitted political wishes and demands for the Capital Region’s hospital projects, regarding for instance sustainability. It is pleasant to view these demands in the competition programme, which sets the foundation for the development of an old and architectural prestigious hospital,” Lars Gaardhøj adds. 

International competition

The project organization hopes that both Danish and international corporations will enter the master plan competition, ensuring that the group of contestants is wide ranging and well-founded.

Experience within hospital planning is not necessary; but urban planning and experience with handling the challenges of a large organization with high visit frequencies are however important competences. 

“The best piece of advice, I can offer the contestants, is to thoroughly investigate and understand our seven key points, and then identify the best compromise between the many aspects. We, in the project organization, have described many dilemmas for the project, and it is not realistic that all dilemmas can be resolved.
The winner is the contestant, who gets closest,” states Executive Vice President Claes Brylle Hallqvist of Bispebjerg Hopital. 

For further information

Member of the Regional Council Lars Gaardhøj, phone +45 28 92 25 98.
Executive Vice President Claes Brylle Hallqvist, Bispebjerg Hospital, phone +45 23 24 27 08.
Vice President Vagn Risby Mortensen, Bispebjerg Project, phone +45 21 83 44 19.
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