Giant Tent Lifts the Quality at Danish Hospital Building Site

​Bad weather will no longer be a hindrance for the construction work at the Bispebjerg Hospital site. A giant tent will ensure higher quality and a better working environment at the next building site in the hospital constructing project with a budget totalling € 540 m. The Vice President for Construction and Contractors on the project is convinced of the long term benefits and he is supported by The Danish Construction Association.​

​The Laboratory and Logistics Building is designed by Mikkelsen Arkitekter, WHR Architects and Alectia. Five teams are pre-qualified to construct the building. Illustration: Mikkelsen Arkitekter.

​From spring 2016, a 10,000 sqm. Laboratory and Logistics Building will be constructed under a giant tent at Bispebjerg Hospital in Copenhagen. The cover of the building site will be 30 meters tall and cover an area of 60 by 85 meters. This will ensure the quality of the construction.

”The weather is an unknown factor, which makes it difficult to plan a construction in Denmark. Everything stops for approximately 40 days each year, due to rain and wind. We will get a more reliable time schedule as well as securing a better working environment for the construction staff,” says Vice President for Construction and Contractors Carsten Nyboe from New Hospital and Mental Health Bispebjerg.

Shielding the Neighbours

Instead of noisy tower cranes, a so called overhead crane will be placed on tracks under the roof of the tent. It will be used to mount the concrete elements.

The building site for the laboratory and logistics building at Bispebjerg Hospital in Copenhagen will be covered by a giant tent similar to the one used at the Novo Nordisk building site in Måløv. An overhead crane will be attached under the roof. Photo: SiteCover​​.

”You can’t operate a normal tower crane in strong wind. This causes delays and extra costs for the project. I also hope that this will make the construction more tolerable for the neighbours as we will keep all the floodlights, dust and noise, within the tent. Tower cranes look impressive on the horizon but it is no fun to live next door to them,” says Carsten Nyboe.

The tent will stay for about a year, until the new building is sealed. During the construction the progress will be documented through photos and people will be invited inside to have a look. This makes it possible to follow what is going on even though the building site is a closed off area. The topping out ceremony will also take place within the tent.

A More Reliable Total Expenditure

At The Danish Construction Association Branch Director Niels Nielsen praises the initiative. He believes that it will be worth considering total cover of many construction sites. In his opinion the issue is the tenders on most construction projects do not include a covered site.

”Of course this costs money, but the risk of delays is greatly reduced and the client will have a much more reliable total expenditure. You get a better working environment, the possibility of storing building materials safely and without the risk of damages due to the weather and you avoid getting damp into the building. I am in no doubt that in most cases it is worth it,” Niels Nielsen states.

Five Bidding Contractors

It is not common for a construction project to establish a cover over the building site but the team behind New Hospital and New Mental Health Bispebjerg have assessed it necessary.

”We want to reduce risk in the construction phase and the most important argument is to get quality on time. But we also get high productivity and therefore a satisfied contractor. At the moment we have five main contractors bidding for the construction of the building. And we expect their prices to reflect that we save a tower crane for example,” Vice President Carsten Nyboe explains.

Vice President for Construction and Contractors Carsten Nyboe is sure that it will be worthwhile covering the building site to raise the quality, productivity and working environment. Photo: Byggeriets Billedbank.​

The tent for the Laboratory and Logistics Building will be delivered by the company SiteCover. A similar solution was used by Novo Nordisk at the construction of a large auditorium in Måløv north of Copenhagen. But the solution is still relatively new in the construction business.

”We are constructing a building for medical research and the demand for quality is very high. The cover also enables the installation work and the electrical work to start earlier. This makes it possible to have a shorter construction time frame and thereby a cost reduction for the building site. We will be evaluating the business case thoroughly but I am convinced that it will be worthwhile in the long run,” says Carsten Nyboe.​

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