Exciting Masterplan proposals for the new Bispebjerg

​The judging committee for the New Hospital and New Psychiatry Bispebjerg have come together for the first time to decide which masterplan proposals will stay in the running of the competition. The overall impression is that the proposals are strong and it’s a tough competition.

Not long to go until the three final masterplan proposals will be chosen. The judging committee for the masterplan competition for the new Bispebjerg Hospital met for the first time on February 8th. The judging committee had a sit down to discuss which masterplans they liked best and thought were most suitable to be used at the new hospital. 

Eight Architectural firms have been given the task to create a masterplan. A masterplan is a plan of the hospital; how it will be built, what it will look like, where different parts of the hospital will be, etc. All of the masterplans that have been created are different and individual in their own way. 

A tough decision 

The task that is now in hand, is for the judging committee to decide which up to three masterplans they would like to be enhance further, towards the final plan for the New Hospital and New Psychiatry Bispebjerg. 

Lars Gaardhøj, chairman of the judging comittee. Lars Gaardhøj, chairman of the j​udging committee and political following group of New Hospital and New Psychiatry Bispebjerg, says: 
"It is clear to me that the masterplan suggestions are very thoroughly processed. And even though it is the same assignment, the suggestions are very different which means that it is going to be a difficult choice."

Dilemmas solved 

Claes Brylle Hallqvist the executive vice president of Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospitals is a special advisor for the judging committee and he has a similar view on the masterplans as Lars Gaardhøj. He says that: 
"The work that the teams have come up with is impressive and the time span that was given has been used well. The masterplans that have been created solve a lot of dilemmas that the hospital currently faces or may face in the future." 

​Only three can continue 

Up to three out of eight of the masterplans will be chosen to be enhanced. The teams will work on their plans until April 25th. The remaining five wont be used. Claes Brylle Hallqvist states:
Claes Brylle Hallqvist, executive vice president of Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospitals (photo: Claus Peuckert).
"It’s a pity that five of the masterplans wont be used as they have all had extensive amounts of work put into them. But we can look at the five plans that aren’t used and be inspired by them."
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