Previous Tenders

​Here you can find information on finished tenders.

Tender: Prequalification​ for the Laboratory- and Logistics main contract

The prequalification period, for the Laboratory and Logistics Building main contract, ran from June to September this year. We will issue the tender material, to the five pre-qualified bidders, in October 2015. We expect to begin construction in the beginning of 2016.​​

Counselling related to demolision works​ 

Demolition of a 8,500 sqm. building and several minor building. 

The tender is won by P. Olesen & Sønner A/S.​

​Tender: Prequalification to the design contest concerning the General Hospital Building at Bispebjerg hospital

New Hospital and Mental Health Bispebjerg wishes to prequalify seven teams to the design contest concerning the General Hospital Building.

The tender is won by KHR arkitekter, WHR Architects and ARUP Denmark with Grontmij, Schønherr and Lohfert & Lohfert.

Tender: Joint building site management

New Hospital and Mental Health Bispebjerg is offering a tender of the consultancy service "Joint Building site Management". The purpose is to attach a consultant to control and coordinate the joint building site on Bispebjerg Hospital.

The tender is won by FM Bygningsdrift Aps


Tender: Joint Building Site Contract (the tender has been annulled)

The tender comprisses a contract with four prime contractors, jointly referred to as the Joint Building Site Contractor, who will be in charge of establishing and running the joint building site.

The tender has been annulled.


Tender: Total design management for the implementation of  laboratory- and logistics building

The tender includes total design management to provide alle architectural and engineering services for the new construction of aprox. 12.000 m2 -14.000m2 laboratory- and logistics building.

We received 18 applications and prequalified six teams.

The tender is won by Mikkelsen Arkitekter, WHR Architects og ARUP. ​


Tender: Client's advisers regarding The Somatic Hospital

The tender comprises client's advisers regarding the new construction of 81.000 m2 somatic hospital.

The tender is won by Drees & Sommer with Munksgaard + Andersen, EKJ rådgivende ingeniører and SWECO Architects.


Tender: Digitilization, 3D modeling and condition assessment

The tender comprises digitization and 3D modeling of the buildings and services and condition assessment.

The tender regarding digitilization and 3D modeling is won by Bascon.

The tender regarding condition assessment is won by Drees & Sommer.


Tender: CCTV inspection of sewers

The tender comprises surveying, cleaning and CCTV inspection of the main sewers at Bispebjerg Hospitals area at 262.243 m2.

The tender is won bym Ballerup-Smørum Kloakservice A/S.


Tender: Client's advisers for the new construction of  Mental Health at Bispebjerg

The client's advisers is related to the new construction of the Mental Health facility.

The tender is won by: Moe & Brødsgaard A/S with Brunsgaard+Laursen ApS og Mtre ApS as sub-consultants. ​

Client's advisers regarding Projects' general site-wide Contractor

In order to optimize the building site operation the client expects to conclude an agreement with a general site-wide contractor, who has the overall responsibility for operating the building sites and coordinate the individual entreprisers use of the bulding sites.

The tender is won by Drees & Sommer.


Client's advisers for logistics building for New Hospital and Mental Health Bispebjerg

We are planning to build a logistics building consisting of approximately 6.800 m2 logistics- and storage facilities and approximately 5.000 m2 laboratory facilities. The Project organization behind the project wish to associate a clients' adviser for this project.

The tender is won by Kuben Management with Balslev rådgivende ingeniører and Arkitema Architects. ​


Overall clients advisers for the client organization for New Hospital and Mental Health Bispebjerg.

The client organization wishes to associate a clients project-wide adviser partly as a sparring partner and partly as consultant for the client organization on ad hoc basis.

The tender is won by Emcon and KPMG.


Prequalification regarding client's advisers - Construction of a multi-storey carpark at Bispebjerg Hospital

We received nine applications and prequalified six teams.

The tender is won by Bascon.


Prequalification for the tender regarding general logistics advisor

We have received nine applications and have prequalified five companies:

Accenture, Alectia, COWI, DSV and Logio.

DSV has won the tender.​


Prequalification for the Master Plan Competition

We have received 50 applications for prequalification to the master plan competition. ​

Competition winner: BDP.


Tender of managing the project competition of the Master Plan

Tender of planning and implementing the project competition of the Master Plan at Bispebjerg Hospital for the Bispebjerg Project

The tender is won by Kuben Management.


Tender of room analysis

Tender of room analysis at Bispebjerg Hospital, Frederiksberg Hospital, the mental health section of Rigshospitalet and the Mental Health's premises in Nannasgade​

The tender is won by Drees und Sommer.

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