About the Project

​The new and modern urban hospital of the Copenhagen City area is being established on the "Bispebjerg Bakke" site, in order to provide more than 450,000 citizens with world-class treatment of both body and mind. 

​T​he existing hospital will be fully functional during the construction period. Photo: Dragør Luftfoto

The New Hospital and Mental Health Bispebjerg in the City of Copenhagen is a major merger between Frederiksberg Hospital and Bispebjerg Hospital as well as the Mental Health Centre Copenhagen and the Children's Mental Health Centre Bispebjerg.​

The hospital development project includes refurbishment of 37,000 square metres existing buildings as well as the construction of approximately 108,000 square metres new buildings.

Five sub-projects in progress

The construction project has a total budget of around € 610 m of which € 400 m is financed by the Danish Government's Quality Fund (Kvalitetsfonden). The Capital Region (Region Hovedstaden) will provide € 140m for the psychiatric centre sub-project.

Four sub-projects are on the way:

  • A Laboratory and Logistics Building. Construction period: 2016-2018.
  • A General Hospital Building. Construction period: 2018-2024​.
  • A Psychiatric Centre. Construction Period: 2018-2022.
  • Renovation of the existing buildings of Bispebjerg Hospital, approx. 37,000 m2.​ Construction period: From 2016.
One sub-project has already been completed:

  • A Car Park for 600 vehicles. Construction period: 2014-2015. 


Tomorrow's super hospital

The new super hospital, which is scheduled to be cin use by 2025, must operate at full capacity during the whole construction period. Therefore, the construction process has been planned thoroughly and will be executed by using the newest construction knowhow and technologies.

When completed, the hospital will bring together modern hospital functions, advanced hospital logistics, innovative architecture and cutting-edge technologies, providing more than 450,000 citizens with highly specialised treatment.

The hospital will become one of the leading psychiatric research facilities in Denmark offering world-class psychiatric treatment.

Around 5,000 employees will work at the New Hospital and Mental Health Bispebjerg. 

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