​Bispebjerg Hospital – we strive to innovate​

About Bispebjerg Hospital

We are driven by a commitment to create the best treatment

Bispebjerg Hospital is driven by a commitment to create the best treatment through professionalism, innovation, and job satisfaction. At Bispebjerg Hospital we strive for the best forms of care and treatment, and we wish to be known and recognized for our high standards of professionalism - a place where all patients experience personal treatment.
Bispebjerg Hospital is one of the hospitals in the Capital Region of Denm​ark. Along with a number of other hospitals and the University of Copenhagen (the Faculty of Health Sciences), Bispebjerg Hospital forms part of the Copenhagen University Hospital.

​Main hospital in the inner city “Byen”

Bispebjerg Hospital was built in 1913, and today it is the workplace for 3,000​ employees. It is a large hospital with many different specialties, complex patient cases and a diversified group of patients. The hospital serves as community hospital for the inhabitants in large parts of Copenhagen and will henceforward be main hospital for the planning area called “Byen”

A modern city hospital

Bispebjerg Hospital functions as a modern city hospital for 400,000 citizens from the Municipality of Frederiksberg and the larger part of the Municipality of Copenhagen and, at the same time, has to provide special services for an even larger population. 

A green oasis in the city

​​Bispebjerg Hospital is situated on the hill Bispebjerg Bakke like a green oasis in the city. From the buildings there is a fine view over the city and the unique green gardens, which were laid out in 1913 when the hospital was built. The hospital is constructed with the original pavilions and some newer buildings that are all connected underground through a large tunnel system.​