​The Imaging unit collaborates very closely with the other research groups, units and  laboratories and are currently collaborating in studies with the following.​​

​Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospitals:

  • The Parker Institute headed by Professor Henning Bliddal, MD, DMSc and Professor Bente Danneskild-Samsoe, MD, DMSc 
  • Department of Rheumatology headed by Hanne Slott Jensen, MD, DMSc
  • Department of sports medicine headed Professor Michael Kjær, MD and Professor  ​Peter Magnusson, DMSc 
  • Department of sports surgery headed by Professor Michael Krogsgaard, MD, DMSc

National Collaborators:

  • University of Copenhagen, Rigshospitalet, Department of Radiology: 
  • Professor Carsten Thomsen, DMSc
  • Senior Consultant Karl Erik Jensen, DMSc
  • Professor Michal Bachmann Nielsen, MD, Phd, DMSc
University hospital of Southern Denmark Odense, department of rheumatology:
  • Professor Torkell Elling, MD DMSc 
Silkeborg Department of Radiology:
  • Head of department , senior consultant Agnete Desirée Nielsen, MD
Århus University Hospital Department of Radiology:
  • Ass Professor, senior consultant Anne Grethe Jurik, MD, DMSc
  • Professor senior consultant Niels Egun, MD, DMSc 
Aalborg University Hospital:
  • Ass Professor, senior consultant in orthopaedic surgery Ole Simonsen, MD 
  • Center for Sensorimotor Interaction (SMI) Aalborg 
  • Professor Lars Arent-Nielsen, Phd​
Copenhagen University Hospital Glostrup, Department of Rheumatology and the Danbio registry:
  • Professor Mikkel Østergaard, MD, Phd, DMSc
  • Professor Tom Bendix, MD, DMSc
  • Professor Merete Hetland, MD, Phd
Copenhagen University Hospital Hvidovre:
  • Danish research center for MRI, head of the MRI department Professor Hartwig Ziebner, MD, DMSc 

International Collaborators:​

Centre for Sport, Exercise and Osteoarthritis, Nothingham:
  • Professor Mark Batt, MD, Phd, consultant in sports medicine
  • Senior Consultant in MSK radiology Robert Kerslake, MD
Oxford University, Department of Radiology:
  • Professor Peter Taylor, MD, DMSc 
Image Analysis, Ltd, London
  • CEO Olga Kubassova Phd
  • Harvard University, Professor Deborah Burstein
  • Sidney University, Florance and Cope, Chair of Rheumatology Medicine, Northern Clinical School, Professor David Hunter, MD, Phd
Lund and Malmø University Hosptials:
  • Professor Stefan Lohmander, MD, DMSc
  • Professor, senior consultant in orthopaedic surgery Leif Dahlberg, MD, Phd
  • Ass Professor, senior consultant in orthopaedic surgery Carl Johan Tiderius, MD, Phd
  • Genoa University Professor Marco Commino, MD
  • Vienna University, Professor in Radiology and Dean Franz Kainberger, MD, DMSc
  • CIR Vienna University Ass Professor Georg Langs, Phd