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My research interest includes diverse aspects of musculoskeletal injuries, rehabilitation and exercise as it relates to both young and old people. Specifically I engage in projects that try to understand how tendon overuse injuries occur, and how they are best treated. Additionally, we try to understand how ruptured tendons heal, and what rehabilitation efforts that can optimize the outcome.

Aktuelle projekter (ansvarlig)

  • Nikolaj Mølkjaer Malmgaard-Clausen, MD, PhD student: Characterization and treatment of early phase tendinopathy in humans (Supervisors: Michael Kjaer & Peter Magnusson).
  • Rikke Beyer, PT, PhD-student: The effect of load magnitude and restitution on tendinopathy: clinical, structural, biomechanical and biochemical effects. University of Copenhagen (Supervisors: Peter Magnusson & Michael Kjaer).
  • Cecilia Elam Edwén, PT, PhD student: Jumping ability, muscle quality and physical activity. Gothenburg University, Gothenburg, Sweden (Supervisors: Per Aagaard & Peter Magnusson).
  • Annesofie Thorup Olesen, MSc. PhD student: The effect of aging and training on intramuscular connective tissue (Supervisors: Peter Magnusson, Michael Kjaer & Rene Svensson).
  • Emma Ghaziani, MSc, PhD studen: Electrical somatosensory stimulation of the paretic upper limb in acute stroke patients – a randomized controlled trial. (Supervisors: Peter Magnusson, Christian Couppe & Hanne Christensen).
  • Christian Eriksen, MD, PhD student: Regulation of tendon matrix and mechanical properties in elderly individuals: Influence of physical activity. (Supervisors: Michael Kjaer & Peter Magnusson).
  • Aliza Rudavsky, DPT, PhD student. Prospective study of patellar tendon development throughout puberty in jumping athletes. (Supervisors: Michael Kjaer, Peter Magnusson & Jill Cook).
  • Birgitte Houghs Kjaer, PT, MSc. Postoperative physiotherapy treatment for surgical Rotator cuff Repair - a prospective randomized controlled trial with one-year follow-up (Supervisors: Birgit Juul Kristensen, Marius Henriksen, Peter Magnusson & Michael Krogsgaard).
  • Antonis Giannopoulos, MSc, PhD student: Cell-matrix interaction in tendon constructs. (Supervisors: Peter Magnusson & Michael Kjaer).
  • Peter Tran, MD, PhD-student. Mechanisms behind development of Tendinopathy: Early Structural, Inflammatory, Nociceptive and Clinical changes in recreational runners (TESINaC). (Supervisors: Michael Kjaer & Peter Magnusson).
  • Anne-Sofie Andersen, PT, MSc. Does load magnitude and restitution time influence the clinical outcome, tendon morphology and biochemistry in patellar tendinopathy. (Supervisors: Peter Magnusson, Christian Couppe & Rene Svensson).
  • Adrien Letocart. MSc, PhD student. Tendon adaptations to training – Effect of ageing. Université de Technologie de Compiègne, France (Supervisors: Jean-François Grosset & Peter Magnusson).
  • Cheng Zhang, MD, PhD-student. Characterization of growth in human connective tissue. (Supervisors: Michael Kjaer & Peter Magnusson).

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