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PT. M.Sc., PhD


Christian Couppé is a senior researcher at Department of Physical Therapy & Institute of Sports Medicine - IOC Research Center Copenhagen, Bispebjerg - Frederiksberg Hospitals. He worked as a clinical physical therapist with the Danish National team in tennis and Sports traumatology unit & outpatient at Gentofte Hospital in 1995-2000. From 2001-2007 he worked as a clinician at Team Denmark (Olympic center) and obtained his Ph.D., at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen, 2010 (Human tendon loading, unloading, and aging, Advisors: Prof. Michael Kjaer & Prof. SP. Magnusson). His research focus is how tendon tissue adapts to injury/ disease, activity and aging from a clinical and basic scientific point of view; How we can use basic science and translate into the clinics and vice versa. He routinely gives lectures/ workshops abroad on how to manage tendon injury.

Aktuelle projekter (ansvarlig)

  • Identifikation af tidlig sene-overbelastningsskade hos elite atleter ( supervisors: Peter Magnusson, Michael Kjær and Christian Couppé)
  • Rudi Hansen PT, MSc.: Undersøgelse af knogle-remodellering med 18F NaF-PET/CT hos personer med forreste knæsmerter (supervisors: Marius Henriksen and Christian Couppé)
  • Joachim Hjerrild Bs- student: Glycation in elderly endurance athletes and matched controls  ( Supervisors: Mette Hansen, René B. Svensson and Christian Couppé
  • Søren Bering Klasusen PT, Msc-student: Hyperglycemia (HbA1C) and/or hypercholesterolemia - a risk factor for muscle-tendon related pathology?  (Supervisors: Dorthe Skovgaard and Christian Couppé)
  • Patricia Larsen Bsc. Msc-student: The effect of Blood Flow Restriction on chronic patellar tendinopathy (Supervisors: Per Aagaard and Christian Couppé)
  • Lateral albue tendinopati: En randomiseret dobbeltblindet placebokontrolleret undersøgelse af behandlingseffekten af styrketræning i kombination med binyrebarkhormon, nålestimulation eller placebo (supervisors: Peter Magnusson, Michael Kjær and Christian Couppé)
  • Emma Ghaziani OT, MSc. Phd –student: Electrical somatosensory stimulation of the upper extremity in acute stroke patients- a randomized controlled trial (Supervisors: Peter Magnusson and Christian Couppé)
  • Anne-Sofie Andersen PT, Msc. Phd-sudent:  Does load magnitude and restitution time influence clinical outcome, tendon morphology and biochemistry in patellar tendinopathy (supervisors: Peter Magnusson, René B. Svensson and Christian Couppé)
  • Andrew Spraque DPT, Phd-student:  Effect of continued activity, using a pain-monitoring model, on rehabilitation of patients with patellar tendinopathy , University of Delaware, USA ( Supervisors : Christian Couppé and Karin G. Silbernagel)

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