2017 Stressforskningskonference

​Torsdag d. 26. oktober 2017.


09.00-10.00 Registration, networking and breakfast 

10.00 Welcome 

10.05 – 11.05 Keynote Professor Naja Hulvej Rod, Department of Social Epidemiology, University of Copenhagen: Stress, health and social inequality 

11.05-11.50 Sigurd Mikkelsen: Prolonged perceived stress and saliva cortisol Søren Ballegaard: Pressure pain sensitivity of the chest bone, cardiovascular risk factors, and persistent stress Ann Dyreborg Larsen: Night work and risk of accidental injuries 

11.50-12.05 Poster teasers 

12.05-13.00 Lunch and posters 

13.00-14.00 Eszter Török: Workplace social capital and long-term sickness absence Sofie Hoffmann: Workplace Violence and long-term sickness absence Tianwei Xu: Workplace violence as risk factor for cardiovascular disease Åse Marie Hansen: A cohort study on self-reported role stressors at work and poor sleep 

14.00-14.15 Coffee 

14.15-15.15 Keynote Professor Ingibjörg Jonsdottir, Department of Food and Nutrition and Sports Science, University of Göthenburg Stress and physical activity

15.15-15.30 Final discussion and goodbye!