2021 oktober
Glucagon Clearance is Preserved in Type 2 Diabetes
Magnus F. G. Grøndahl, Asger Lund, Jonatan I Bagger, Tonny S Petersen, Nicolai J. Wewer Albrechtsen, Jens J. Holst, Tina Vilsbøll, Mikkel B Christensen, Filip K. Knop
2021 oktober
Agreement between wireless and standard measurements of vital signs in acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a clinical validation study
Mikkel Elvekjaer, Christian Jakob Carlsson, Søren Møller Rasmussen, Celeste Michala Porsbjerg, Katja Kjær Grønbæk, Camilla Haahr-Raunkjær, Helge Bjarup Dissing Sorensen, Eske Kvanner Aasvang, Christian Sylvest Meyhoff in
Physiol Meas. 
2021 1. august
Hemoglobin A1c-levels and subsequent risk of depression in individuals with and without diabetes
I K Wium-Andersen, E M Hengeveld, J Rungby, M B Jørgensen, M Osler, M K Wium-Andersen in 
J Diabetes Complications. 
2021 1. juni
Cerebrospinal fluid and plasma distribution of anti-α-synuclein IgMs and IgGs in multiple system atrophy and Parkinson's disease
Jonas Folke, Rasmus Rydbirk , Annemette Løkkegaard, Anne-Mette Hejl, Kristian Winge, Charlotte Starhof, Lisette Salvesen, Lars Østergaard Pedersen, Susana Aznar, Bente Pakkenberg, Tomasz Brudek in Parkinsonism Relat Disord. 
2021 1. juni
Agreement Between Transcutaneous Monitoring and Arterial Blood Gases During COPD Exacerbation
Kasper M Sørensen, Rebecca V Leicht, Christian J Carlsson, Mikkel Elvekjaer, Celeste Porsbjerg, Eske K Aasvang, Christian S Meyhoff. in Respir Care

2021 13 maj
Time to administration of antibiotics and mortality in sepsis.
Siewers K, Abdullah SMOB, Sørensen RH, Nielsen FE.Siewers K, et al. J Am Coll in Emerg Physicians Open. 
2021 1. Maj
Cognitive impairments four months after COVID-19 hospital discharge: Pattern, severity and association with illness variables
Miskowiak, K W; Johnsen, S; Sattler, S M; Nielsen, S; Kunalan, K; Rungby, J; Lapperre, T; Porsberg, C in ClinicalKey

2021, 1.Marts
Increased thin-spine density in frontal cortex pyramidal neurons in a genetic rat model of schizophrenia-relevant features. Sánchez-González A, Thougaard E, Tapias-Espinosa C, Cañete T,  Sampedro-Viana D, Saunders JM, Toneatti R, Tobeña A, Gónzalez-Maeso J, Aznar S, Fernández-Teruel A. European Neuropsychopharmacology, in ClinicalKey

2021 Marts

TDP-43–specific Autoantibody Decline in Patients With Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Nielsen AK, Folke J, Owczarek S, Svenstrup K, Winge K, Pakkenberg B, Aznar S, Brudek T. Neurol Neuroimmunol Neuroinflamm , in National Library of Medicine


2021 26 Februar
Variable oxygen administration in surgical and medical wards evaluated by 30-day mortality-An observational study
Hannibal Troensegaard 1 2, Cecilie Petersen 1 2, Niels E Pedersen 3, Tonny S Petersen 4, Christian S Meyhoff. Acta Anaesthesiol Scand in National Library of Medicine


2021 23 Februar 
An overview of obesity mechanisms in humans: Endocrine regulation of food intake, eating behaviour and common determinants of body weight.
Theilade S, Christensen MB, Vilsbøll T, Knop FK.Theilade S, et al. in

Diabetes Obes Metab. 


2021 Februar

Continuous peripheral perfusion index in patients admitted to hospital wards - An observational study
Patrick S Rasmussen, Eske K Aasvang, Rasmus M Olsen, Camilla Haahr-Raunkjaer, Mikkel Elvekjaer, Helge B D Sørensen, Christian S Meyhoff in
Acta Anaesthesiol Scand 


2021 26 Januar

Mannose-binding lectin and risk of infections in type 2 diabetes: A Danish cohort study.
Gedebjerg A, Thomsen RW, Kjaergaard AD, Steffensen R, Nielsen JS, Rungby J, Friborg SG, Brandslund I, Thiel S, Beck-Nielsen H, Sørensen HT, Hansen TK, Bjerre M.Gedebjerg A, et al. J Diabetes Complications, in ClinicalKey