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The Project

The new and modern urban hospital of the Copenhagen City area is to be established on the “Bispebjerg Bakke” site, in order to provide more than 416,000 citizens with world-class treatment of both body and mind.
The project is dubbed “New Hospital and Mental Health Bispebjerg”.
As part of the project, Frederiksberg Hospital and Bispebjerg Hospital is to be merged. The merger brings together the best cultural aspects of the two hospitals, which ensures collaboration filled with presence and with focus on high-quality patient care, professionalism, patient involvement and warmth.

The project also brings together the Mental Health Centre Copenhagen and Children’s Mental Health Centre Bispebjerg on the hospital grounds of Bispebjerg Bakke. This ensures highly specialized mental health treatment as well as mental health research, which ultimately will become one of the main mental health research facilities in Denmark.

An optimal construction process
The project consists of both renovations of existing buildings as well as new building. This is completed throughout a 10 to 12 year period, during which time the hospital is operating at full capacity. All of these aspects cause the construction process significant challenges.

Therefore, an optimal construction process is thoroughly planned and executed. By using the newest constructional knowledge and technologies, active involvement of the affected parties, as well as planning and communicating effectively and professionally, a modern urban hospital is created within the predefined settings and with as little inconvenience as possible.

The workplace of tomorrow
We are not merely constructing the settings of the future hospital and transferring the existing. As part of the project we analyze work processes, relations and organisation. We also involve the employees, so we together can develop optimal solutions within the new urban hospital.

This way, the settings of a fantastic workplace on Bispebjerg Bakke are in place. Approximately 5,500 employees will ultimately have a workplace with modern hospital functions, hospital logistics, innovative architecture and cutting edge technologies.

The opportunity of a workplace with the best treatment, research and education in Denmark is therefore very much present.

Karen Grønkjær Kjeldsen